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    Campagnolo Victory group bidded up over $800 on Ebay

    Look at this! I posted a thread about my new Rossin that has this stuff, and I was told it was junk on this forum by a few.

    But look at this! Is it because of the Pinarello pantograph???
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    Most likely, and it's pretty complete, with hubs, seat post, pedals, the whole bit. Figure a guy with a nice Pinarello frame, budget of maybe $1200-$1300 for a total package. He can really have the frame right, lace in a couple of period-correct wheels, clean, polish, and touch up the group, have a panto'd, great-looking ride.

    Then figure, maybe, he's got the NR group that came on the Pinarello and he can sell that entire group for an offset. With wheels, or at the least, hubs, he may be able to get from $100-$200 or more, since he's got a seat post and saddle, too. If he has a Pinarello, likely he has a Cinelli bar/stem to sell, too. His offset could be $300, leaving him in the $500-$600 range, net.

    Another example:
    There is a mint Chorus 8-sp Ergo group on CL here, no panto, no hubs, no stem/bars, $500. Sure, I'm tempted, as I have the matching wheels and Cinelli steering.

    Let's just say it was panto'd for a Cinelli/Pinarello/Colnago frame and I had one of those. I'd go higher, to a point where I'm looking at the difference between buying that and adding it to my wheels vs. selling my wheels and getting a new 10-sp Campy group.... At that tipping point, I cave one way or the other, probably around $800-$1000 vs. $1200-$1500 for the new stuff. Probably worth it either way.

    Instead of a broad market with wide-spread appeal but a much more reasonable price, that Pinarello Victory group has a small, specific market with laser-beam specific appeal. Probably 3-4 bidders, none ambivalent about it.

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    I think the wholedeal here with Victory is it is simply a personal opinion whether it is good or not. I actually like the looks of it but I do agree it was no huge leap in performance over NR or SR, however I don't really think it was intendedto be better just dfferent ad modern looking.

    as for this groupo, as Robbie says it is complete and the Pantograph make it more valuable. however IMHO it is a bit over priced. NOS maybe but I think this group has a few miles on it.

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    It brought that price purely because of the pantographing. No other reason whatsoever; he would have been lucky at $350 for a complete, stock gruppo.


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