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    best rebuild for this late 70s Olmo

    this Olmo arrived with a mishmash of bits - Campagnolo GS derailleurs, Mafac brakes, nifty Campagnolo "FM (Moser)" pantoed shifters (see attached)...

    I'd like to build it back up with something period appropriate and of best quality.

    I was going to swap over some what I think are Nuovo Record bits from another bike except that those shifters are clamp-on whereas this Olmo requires braise-ons.

    Q1. in the same era, would one have the choice, in the same gruppo, of clamp-on versus braise-on shifters, depending on how the frame was built?

    Q2. in an ideal world, what would make best sense for this frame (I have quite a range of spare Campagnolo bits to work from.) if it was a recreational frame, maybe the GS setup would be most suitable and so I just have to find Campagnono brakes and brake levers.

    Q3. I have a heck of a time distinguishing the various Campagolo models of that era. Would there have been a GS brake and lever different from a NR brake and lever? or would they have used the same Brakes and levers and just used different derailleurs?
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