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    Trying to find the year and size of a Trek

    I need help finding out what year is my Trek 1400 and what size the frame is. I ready to sell it, I would like to find those out to sell it accordingly. I know it is somewhere from the late 80s or early 90s. The Frame is Epoxy Bonded Aluminum Made in the USA. The serial number is 476933. I have looked on which is how i realized it is either a 89 or 90. I just need help to narrow down the year and how to measure the size on the year of trek. Finally I paid $400 for this bike summer of 09. It came with Look clipless pedals and Shoes for them that were used once or twice by the previous owner and never by me, so basically new. I was thinking about selling it for $300, Bike, pedals and, shoes. Is that a good price or should it be higher or will there be no buyer for it at 300
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    Easton tubing was used on the 1990 model. Not that it matters really. The 1989 and 1990 bikes were almost identical, and the market value of either is going to be the same.

    Around here, buyers can get an aluminum frame bike with STI shifting at the $300 price point. It would be hard to sell a 20 year old aluminum frame bike at that price, unless it was a Cannondale, especially this time of year. Buyers of vintage bikes tend to want steel frames. Buyers of more modern bikes tend to want STI shifting.

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    If the components are original (which it looks like they are) you can determine the year by looking up the Shimano component date. You can find this info on the Vintage Trek site as well.

    If your market is in one of the big city areas $300 is probably the max you could get, but $200 - $250 is more realistic. You wouldn't get anything more for the bike by throwing in the pedals and shoes. If you really want to maximize your money you're better off trying to sell them separately.

    The bike definitely seems to be in great condition.
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    On the size, different places measure different ways, but if you provide a measurement in centimeters from the center of the crank to the center of the top tube/seat tube junction and from the center of the seat tube to the center of the top tube/head tube junction then anyone who knows anything about bike sizes will be able to tell if it's in their range or not.

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