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    Really Old KHS Mountain Bike

    Ok, "really old" is relative. Anyway. Fresh from a dumpster, and riddled with ice, figure this one out. It is a KHS "Sport", Ser# 40401695 (1984?). Tig-welded, really thick, but not cast, dropouts, I am guessing straight guage tubes. What really has me intrigued are the cranks. TA copies, but "Alero"? They made BMX parts, but I have never seem this. The "Polygon" brakes, fork/headtube reincorcement, and shifter cable routing is also kinda weird. Any ideas??

    Sorry for the messy shop.

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    Looks like most mid '80s "me too" MTBs with a couple of notable features.
    Interesting "bi-plane" fork like the early Stumpjumpers and many Bridgestones. I like the cranks also.
    Too bad the crome bits are so rough.
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