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Thread: Good Axles?

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    Good Axles?

    Bare with me, I know I'm asking a lot of really basic questions lately, but I'm getting some really good basic answers and I like those.
    I just stuck a 7 speed freewheel on my old Raleigh. Don't really need 7 speeds but it's got the right ratios and it's a Hyperglide and that makes me happy. Anyway, I ended up adding a 2mm spacer to get that last gear in and there's only a teeny bit of axle left for the dropout. To make things really silly, I was thinking, rather than go to all the trouble of redishing this wheel (again) why don't I just stick another 2mm spacer on the left side (for a total of 132mm)?
    Now I need an axle, I should probably get an axle either way (redish or just respace). I've got one that's long enough from a cheap chinese MTB but it's nutted. Maybe I should just stick it in there and ride it till something goes wrong or maybe I should bring it up here and get some good learning in.
    I've heard that hollow axles for quick release skewers are stronger but I heard it from a less than reliable source and with no real explanation. Are QR axles made from better steel?
    How much difference is there between this Campy axle I have (too short, of course) and this dumb chinese axle is there really?
    Thanks for being patient with me.
    I have spoken.

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    Take te axle out and redo the spacing to the drive side with thinner lock nut to the non drive side and you should have enough space for the 7 speed freewheel. 2mm on the drive is nothing to worry about for a well maintained wheel. QR axle if not properly adjusted will break. most QR axles are cromoly or heat treated and solid axles aren't, although wheels manufacturing does make a solid cromoly axle if needed.

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