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Thread: 80's Peugeot?

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    80's Peugeot?

    I just bought a Peugeot, gonna pick it up thursday. I had the exact same before, it's a Peugeot with a mixte frame. I loved riding it so much through the busy streets of Amsterdam, but I left it out in winter and never took good care of it and after that I bought a few new bikes, but none of them ever felt as nice as riding my Peugeot. Luckily I found the exact same one for just 50 euro and this time I will be taking good care of it for sure and will keep my old one for parts. I was just wondering if anyone here could help me identify it. I've been searching for a few days now, but can't seem to figure out which model it is. The guy who's selling it says it from around '82, but I would like to know the exact model. I searched through old advertisements, but couldn't find it.

    This is the one I'm buying:

    The rest is right here

    This one seems to be the men's version. Found a few of on a Dutch eBay-like site:

    The one that seems closest to the one I'm buying is this one:
    But mine has 301 tubing.
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    With stem shifters and safety levers I don't think it's a PKN10.

    I cannot find it it the French catalogs, but I think it is the European equivalent of the American U019 but with fenders and lights - (-possibly a "UE19")
    - Auchen

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    The mixte looks like like PH10 equivalent, but earlier, with lugged construction, so it might still carry a "UO" model designation. An 1980/81 model maybe. Looks very well rigged out for a city/town bike with light touring capabilities. The tubing is surely Peugeot's Carbolite 103 nt "301" as you noted.
    A very solid 80's classic from Peugeot. This is the type of bike that the company really built it's name around on all over the world, and is certainly worth keeping, restoring and preserving.
    Congratulations on your find and may you have many years of great rides on it!


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