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    Any info about tour du québec bikes?

    Hi! I just found an old Tour du Québec old road bike. Does anyone know anything about this brand? Google didn't help me this time. Unfortunately the guy who sold it to me didn't give any kind of info...And I am very curious about it.

    Here is a picture of it:

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    I have run across a couple of these bicycles. They are entry level, at best. Needless to say, they were made in the province of Quebec. My guess is that they are of Asian origin, shipped to Canada as parts and, like many other bicycles of its day, assembled on Canadian soil, thus bypassing some pretty hefty tariffs applied to imported bicycle back in those days.

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    Your steering stem, incidentally, is installed dangerously high. The stem should be inserted into the fork steering tube at least to the minimum depth which is usually marked on the stem. You can damage both the bike and the rider, with the stem set up the way it is.

    Have fun with the bicycle. For what it is worth, I have lots of really high end bikes, however; one of my most memorable rides includes a day with this entry level Legnano that I found at the Dump...

    Hope this is a help.
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