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    Free Dump Week - TB - 2011

    Well, for the past two weeks I have been busier than two flies on a pig's butt!

    First, with preparation for the delivery and the delivery itself of 165 bicycles donated to B4H-TB from the people in Fort Francais, Ontario. Then...

    The day, following the delivery of the FF bikes, was the start of the Free Dumping Week (8 days straight) in Thunder Bay. I spent a good part of that week at the Dump, salvaging bikes.


    Once a decent load was salvaged, it was off to the Storage Facility for the sorting chore created the day the 165 FF bikes arrived. The balance of the week was spent at the Dump, traveling from the Dump to the Storage Facility and then sorting at the Facility.

    Man, I do hope that no one trips in those two ruts left by my dragging butt:-(

    Anyway, the Dump produced 64 (conservative estimate) good bikes but I tossed about a hundred that were bent, rusted or just scrap.

    This year not one, not one, Ten Speed showed up at the Dump until the second last day of the free week. This was very unusual but predictable.

    The second last day, and the last day, produced a couple of Ten Speeds, a couple of roadsters and one antique. And that was it. Not one bike that interested me arrived. Oh well, no biggie but I was surprised. Again, I do understand why this happened. Just surprised by the reality of it.


    The day after Free Dump Week, I went back to the Dump for final clean up and transfer of any bikes that were dropped off at the last minute. Yup, another eight bikes ready to be loaded and moved.

    On the way back from the Storage Facility, I have to go by the Dump and, as is my habit, even though I was there an hour earlier, I made the left hand turn and swung into the Landfill Site. And guess what? In the hour I was gone, someone had dropped off this lovely Cinelli Volare SLX saddle in the perfect color for my Cyclops. I even have a set of vintage tires that are a pretty close match. Yahoo!


    Oh, ya. There was a Reynolds Peugeot attached to the saddle with the fork set I need for my Peugeot Super Competition that I found about a year ago...

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    thats a lot of bikes.. crazy to think how many bikes are just sitting around unused
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    Simply amazing the number of mountain bikes in that load. Makes me wonder what is the life cycle of the average bike, maybe 20 years and off to the next owner.

    I bet if you were at the same dump in the '80's you would have pulled out the same number of bikes, but most would have been road bikes. I get chills thinking of how many are buried there rusting away if anything is left of them at all.

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