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    Identification Help: Japanese "Lotus Classique" & "American 'Road & Trail" - Pics 2c


    Got a bit lucky (I think) in the "freecycle" and "take it if you want it cause I'm trashing it" market this past weekend.

    I am trying to identify two bikes I acquired...

    First up: A Japanese made "Lotus Classique" that is incredibly weightless for its large size. A road bike with all original shimano parts. Only thing not original is the seat and pedals. It has no rust anywhere, downtube shifters, and interesting derailleur designs.

    Anyway, help? Did I find a nice freebie? Any idea on the model year? 1980s-ish?

    Next up: The bike is labeled "American" on the front fork stem and "road and trail" on the chain guard. It is original except the seat (I am guessing the original seat was probably colored to match). There were tassles hanging from the grips, but they where withered away by sunlight. Cleaned up really well and rides great. This was a freecycle find.

    Any info? Just can't find anything about this one.


    Any help or information would be appreciated. Trying to decide to clean/refurb/sell/gift/ or keep. The lotus rides really well and fits me. Any idea on worth. Can't argue with the price for which I got them - as in free to me.


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    I could be wrong but the model of the Lotus is Classique and it looks '87ish.

    I know nothing about the other bike but if I had to guess I would say something like a Sears, Wards or maybe Western Auto from the late '60s?
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    I'll take a stab at the Lotus. The components seem to match my '87 specification listing, but Lotus had just started the paint fades on their higher end bikes in 1987. It's mentioned as being "available" on some models, but not shown in the catalogs. The Classique is not one of the models offered in a fade. The Ishiwata decal also looks different from the 1987 models. I'd venture a guess that it's '88 or probably a bit later, like 89.

    What does it say on the forward top tube? 87-88 bikes are usually inscribed with their "Triathlon Series" of bikes (Legend, Esprit, Elite 600, Leger, Classique and Unique).

    In any case, I wouldn't mind a high res photo and a serial number for the Vintage Lotus website . . . .


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