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    2 questions: Centurion Sport DLX $? and, where do you buy vintage road frames/sets?


    Sorry in advance if what i am asking about is covered elsewhere....but here we go!

    2 questions...

    preface: want to build up a decent (ie functional and not horrible) road bike for my girlfriend. have experience building bikes. she just knows what she likes aesthetically. (ie older steel frames, lugs, certain colors, etc.)
    question: so i have found a Centurion Sport DLX in very good condition, functionally and aesthetically. meets GF's aesthetic taste and more importantly to me her fit/size.
    This particular one is a complete bike, but i will probably change out half the components with nicer/newer stuff i have laying around.
    Just curious about pricing. i will probably offer 100, and have to pay 50 shipping. so 150. i have no clue of the value of such a bike (a well kept centurion sport dlx) and wondering if im wasting money and should look elsewhere or....?

    and speaking of looking elsewhere....just curious...
    2) where do you guys, besides craigslist and ebay, shop for older/vintage road bike frames? im just wondering if there is some online shops out there that specialize in such a thing...from cheaper to nicer, i just want to know whats out there if anything.

    thanks for any help in advance!
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    A little high, but venue is a factor...

    CL, yard sales, keeping an awareness of bikes, LBS trade-ins, networking, here, Goodwill auctions, thrift stores, classifieds (remember those) and the "trader" publications that are usually local.

    rarely eBay. I know of no web sites that have any deals.
    some sites have the bikes, but as far as a "good deal," not in my opinion.

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    +1 C/L, garage sales, thrift stores, word of mouth, neighborhood newsletter, etc. Shops around here that do sell vintage frames tend to sell them for about what a complete bike goes for from an individual. I guess its possible, but highly unlikely.

    Unless you are looking for something really special, local is the way to go. Shipping a frame costs about what I can buy a lower end frame for locally. Now the high end stuff, shipping is less of a factor.

    99% of the time, a complete bike is a better deal, even if you want to build it up with something different. The sale of the existing parts can go a long way to paying for your build. And you don't have to search for that special part, clip, whatever, that many bikes have.

    Occasionally/rarely ebay can be a good source for a complete bike. They tend to be poorly described, in the wrong category, local pickup only (or as an option), etc. Picked up my 1987 Prologue that way off ebay for $200. Came complete with Shimano 600 tricolor bits (I wanted to build it with other bits). Anyway, the tricolor parts went a long way to paying for the entire bike. I tend to buy two or three bikes a year off ebay.
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    I found this Sport DLX at a garage sale for under $100 (I think it was $75-80) at a garage sale for a co-worker. It came with a new helmet, a helmet mirror, and shoes. All it needed was some minor tuning and a bit of cleaning.


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