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    Mystery vintage Benotto with Campy Gran Sport Components -- Any ideas?

    I'm looking for help to better identify a vintage Benotto in my area -- in particular, the year and model, if possible. I've read a lot through the threads here and elsewhere and understand there's a lot of confusion and heresay about Benottos, such as when they shifted production to Mexico and quality of the bikes. I'm hoping with the information I provide here, someone can help narrow this one down. Here are the details I know:

    Ishiwata 019 tubing (sticker intact)
    No sticker indicating model number
    Campagnolo Rear dropout
    Crome Fork and Campagnolo front dropout
    Heart shaped cut-out on BB
    Stamped "271" on BB
    Campagnolo Headset and BB
    Campagnolo shifters
    Campagnolo Gran Sport Crank (pantographed crank arm and chainring)
    Campagnolo GS(?) or NR(?) front derailleur
    Campagnolo GS(?) or NR(?) rear derailleur with "Pat. '82"
    Benotto pantographed stem
    Cinelli bars
    Universal Brake levers and brakes
    Wheels - not original; replaced by current owner in early 1990s

    The current owner was told by someone that this was an early 70's bike, but I think much later, probably early 80's, especially given the Pat. 82 rear derailleur, although that could have been added later. The bike color also seems unique to me as I have not seen Benottos in this paint scheme and the decals seem to be original. Overall, the bike is in very good condition and no signs of cracking, as has been commented on by others about Benottos made in Mexico.

    I'd like to help the owner figure out more about it. He bought it from the original owner about 20 years ago and didn't know much about the history of the bike back then.

    I welcome any thoughts or comments: year(?) model(?) where made(?)

    Note: I posted this in a different thread a couple of months ago, but didn't get any traction ... someone recommended I try here.

    I've uploaded some pictures to help.

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