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    A Raleigh caught my eye

    Last weekend I was having a coffee outside at a restaurant when a young lady rode up and parked her bike nearby.
    It was a Raleigh and I was so taken with it that I had to take a closer look. It reminded of something that came straight out of one of those old MGM films like "National Velvet" leaning against a fence in a village with an lovely English flower garden as a backdrop. It's frame and fenders were kind of a seafoam green (pardon me I am not good with color descriptions) and had the front bar wicker basket and it looked brand new.

    The rear fender had the Raleigh logo and "Nottingham, England". (Forgive me I am not that familiar with Raleighs doubt standard on all their bicycles. Anyway I complimented the owner on her "new" bike.
    She said it was not new. She had recently purchased it at a yard sale where the original owner had bought it in 1990 rode it very little and kept in the garage apparently until the yard sale.

    I have an interest in bicycles of every kind.
    The only words I could come up with to describe this Raleigh: "absolutely charming".
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    It was either pre-1982, or a U.K. import to the states. No Nottingham-era frames wound up on this side of the pond after 1982 (following the new Raleigh USA management), though the seafoam color you mention suggests a repaint or a very late U.K. model of which I am not familiar.


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