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    Replacement spokes and nipples???

    I'm rebuilding the rear wheel of my 1959? (date on SA hub) Raleigh roadster. (I hesitate to call it a Tourist since that name does not appear anywhere on the bike.) The rim is 28 x 1.5 inches, westwood style, 40-spoke count. I plan on using as many of the original spokes as possible. I broke two spokes and stripped one nipple upon removing the old spokes. The spokes measure 12 inches in length from tip to shoulder and are the standard galvanized steel spokes found on many past models of Raleigh bikes. The nipples are brass. Any suggestions as to a source where I can get replacements? (I'll probably do the front wheel as well before the year is out.)

    An additional question: Does one "dish in" the spokes on the rear wheel of these bikes?


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    Just use whatever spokes you can use. It's been a long time since I worked on a 28" wheel bike, so I don't know if they use an unusual size.

    Do you plan to replace just the broken spokes or all of them?

    I was recently working on an old 3-speed with 26" wheels. Some spokes broke when I turned the nipples, so I replaced the spokes and nipples with some DT spokes I had on hand. They're stainless steel, so the wheel looks odd, but it works fine.
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