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    1950's Benotto Restoration

    Hi Bike People,

    *This is my first post on bikeforums and generally not super-informed about vintage roadies and the like, so please grant me a few concessions...*

    But... 9 years ago on my 17th birthday my grandfather gave me the Benotto roadie he got off his grandfather as a present on his 17th birthday when he was a teenager living in Cairo (we're an Italian family, tradition, etc [not to undermine it in anyway, it was one of the best presents I've ever received]). He's deceased now, but I'm pretty certain it was brand new when he got it, making it a 1954 or 1955 model. Some time in the 90's, my grandfather had the frame re-sprayed and (to my considerable-dismay when I found out) replaced the original components with a mixed-bag of varying quality bits.

    Anyway... I've ridden the bike a lot since then and due to it's age and tough life, it's retirement is approaching. I want to respray it in a period-correct Benotto colour with correct logo style, so what I'm looking for is:

    1. Some advice on the spec of the champagne colour I've seen around and if this isn't a 50's colour, any advice on what was, and,
    2. Some advice on correct logo's from the 50's. I've seen obviously the 'classic' Benotto logo, but also seen a more cursive style logo. Any ideas on which would be more correct?

    I'll put up some photos of the bike and frame before and after restoration if anyone's interested.

    But yeah, thanks in advance, sorry for boring anyone and any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Photos are a must, especially for a bike of this vintage. I think I speak for many here who will be very interested in seeing what you've got.

    Best wishes!
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