Hi All,

I recently purchased my first road bike for travel within NYC. I bought it used and the prior owner didn't know anything about it except that it had changed hands several times. I tried to figure this out on my own but was not successfull.

I found that the bike looks similar to a 1970-1980 Raleigh, Trek, Nishiki, or Peugeot but I could not find an exact match. The bike has no stickers or labels as they have all been torn off by a prior owner. All that remains is a worn serial number which my best estimation could read as follows: S777DO16 - Not sure on the "S" (looks more like a backwards 2 without the bottom horizontal line) or the "O" (could be a 0).

Photos - https://picasaweb.google.com/1039637...eat=directlink


I can provide more pics is there is a specific characteristic that might give away the Model or Year.

Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts as to the Make and Year of the bike.