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    Another "what to do with this?" Thread

    This Breezer mountain bike followed me home from an estate sale. Having spent the afternoon on the Interweb, I think I have a bit of a mutt.

    The frame has a '93 serial number, and the cable guides match (they changed in '94), as well as it has a threaded headset (went threadless in '94). Likewize, the wheels are '93 spec.

    The frame says "Jet Stream", but there is no such thing shown in the Breezer catalogs available until '94. The paint and frame specs match a Hurricane, although I did find a quote in the '94 catalog relating to Mountain Bike Action (or one of those) raving about the '93 Jet Stream.

    The drivetrain is '94 XT 8-speed (like the model name). The '94 has grip shift spec'ed, though not the one on the bike. The drive train has LATE '94 date codes (SL).

    The cranks are '92 Suntour XC with a '92 date code attached to a Shimano cartridge BB. The Headset looks like a Ritchey Logic (correct), but has a Shimano lock nut. I am assuming that the bars, levers, brakes (Ritchey Logic), seatpost, saddle, and pedals are not original, though the stem at least appears to be period.

    I belive that Ritchey may have dropped the Huricane mid-year '93 and renamed it the Jet Stream. The non-standard cockpit is the work of the owner (now-deceased along with any information as to what happened). The mystery is the crank and the '94 drivetrain.

    What do I do with this thing? Do I

    1). Leave it - rides great, but have issues with mutt bikes which are not my own, especially when I can find no direct evidence that said bike ever existed.

    2). Restore it to the '93 Hurricane specs - Not impossible, but an original Ritchey Logic crank and BB will not be cheap or particularly easy to find.

    3). I have a complete '93 Suntour XC Pro group that has been looking for a home for some time. Do I embrace it's bastardization, give up finding a period correct frame to hang the Suntour group upon (it has been a 5-year half-hearted search).




    Crank (newer middle and outer chainrings):

    Date codes, note the FD "SL" and the Suntour crank "HB":

    BTW- Before you espouse how lucky a find this was (and I am thankful for it), the collection of late 70's and early 80's Treks, wheels, and parts were being loaded into a truck as I arrived. All that was left were a couple ho-hum modern aluminum frames, a dented 10-year old Fisher, some tires, and this.
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