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    Why does my Park PFP-3 leak?

    It's been going great for 5 years more or less. Then my buddy brings over a bike that has tires that say 120 PSI on them.
    The pressure gauge goes all the way up to 160, but then so did the speedometer on my '63 Dodge Dart. Well, I took that Dart up to 120 and it still ran fine after that. It wouldn't have gone any faster but it survived.
    The pump blows air from several of it's joints. I've taken it apart and all the O rings look ok. Is there a trick to getting them to seat right or do I just need a new pump?
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    I have the same pump. It was doing the same thing as what you describe. I tried to re-grease everything, but still had leaks. I contacted Park, and they sent me a new base at no cost.

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