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    Ooops, I bought a new bike!

    After much staring at ebay looking for the classic british steel frame in reynolds 531.... I bought a japanese / US /Canadian 80s Nishiki silhouette.... oh well.

    I paid 120, which i thought was pretty good, it rides very nicely, done a lot of miles.

    What I know:
    Canadian Nishiki serial CH0 3434 which I think makes it 1988
    almost all Exage components
    7 speed cassette (i'm assuming freehum but not checked), friction not SIS
    chips and bits of rust but nothing that worries me
    Very little clearance (4-5mm on 25c tires)
    weighs around 10 or 11kg (22-24lb?)
    I've never seen a nishiki in the UK

    My Plan:
    Spend up to 400 making it into the best commuter bike ever.
    I'm probably going to make it into a flat bar/ bullhorn bike, I just don't really get on with drops that well to use them every day.

    Powdercoat or repsray
    New rear wheel or rebuild with same rims new hub (or a 9 on 7 thing) to get me to my 9 speed ideal ()could live with 8, probably on a rapidfire
    Can i fit condor piogia fenders(mudguards?) if i went to a 23c tire?
    or could i find these salmon types?

    thoughts ? Advice? Insults?
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    Canadian Hey?....well I like the salmon type from France..Tres chic, ne ces pas?...Lovely bicycle. I'm sure it will be well taken care of..Ride safe...but, Ride Hard!!!!

    Cheers, ciao, au revoir

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