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    pashley sonnet bliss with coaster brakes?

    I have been riding a dutchie for the past 3 years and it's finally given up on me. Realistically it was far too big, i am tiny only 5ft so have been looking for a replacement.
    i looked initially at creme holy moly's. however i only managed to find 3 reviews and they were not overly positive. I know the obvious and sensible choice would be a pashley but I am desperate to keep up with coaster brakes. is it possible to "pimp" a pashley (in particular the sonnet bliss) with coaster brakes?

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    You might try posting this in the Mechanics Forum.

    I think the basic answer is yes. But it will require the installation of a rear hub that has a coaster brake rather than the drum brake that comes stock on the Pashley. You might see if you can order a new Pashley with such a hub. If that's not possible, you could have your LBS swap out the stock hub and brake in favor of a hub w/ coaster brake. That would involve a wheel re-build, of course, and probably wouldn't be cheap. Not to pry, but do I assume your aversion is to hand-operated brakes in general, not just to drum brakes? I ask because I have drum brakes on a bike, and I like them a lot. Impervious to weather, don't wear out, and are very easy to modulate. I would think they would be just right for a bike such as the Pashley.
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