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    super champion stick on debate...bertin heads welcome

    I'll be building up a wheel set, soon enough, for what I believe to be a late 70's/early 80's Bertin C-35.

    I won't be going for a true 'restoration' per se, but still giving it a period look.

    It came with a 600 headset, and I happened to have some 600 parts around so I'm going with that for the build.

    Then I came across a first gen 600 hubset, so I couldn't pass them up. I know these weren't the best in the day, so comes my dilemma, Medaille or Record du Monde?

    Medailles being lighter, but with a heavier price tag, do my hubs deserve to be graced with these?

    I've just about got my mind made, but wanted to see what anyone else had to chime in with.

    ***More about the frame:
    -shadow on the fork of what was a 531 sticker
    -campy drop outs
    -foil decals w/solid 'block' s/t sticker
    -sans all braze ons, except for rear cable stop and clamp on shifter stop
    -serial # 8(? faded)1173

    ***I'm digitally challenged, so don't have any photos for you

    Wild Card - I could have a set of S.C. Performance for less than the two mentioned.

    Thanks, if you made it this far reading my post
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    Here's my Bertin from that era. Notice it's Shimano content. I don't think you have to shrink from any consideration of rims for your 600s. They are as good as anything out there, practically speaking, and plenty pretty. You'll never wear them out.


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