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    a few questions about my Raleigh Grand Prix.


    I found a Raleigh Grand Prix sitting in the backyard of my Dad's house a few years back and decided to see what I could do with it.

    I fixed it up a little and have been riding it (and loving it) ever since.

    But now it's really, *really* beaten up and needs help. The cranks and corresponding crappy cotter pins are screwed up and the bottom bracket most definitely needs replacing.

    I have been unsuccessful in finding the serial # (i've looked everywhere). It's possible it was sanded off when someone put a new finish on it. Either way, it's not visible so I don't know what year it is.

    I do, however, have a pic..I doubt it will help but.....maybe?

    My primary question is about replacing the bottom bracket, what kind, what size, etc. I'm unsure if this can be found out without knowing the year of the bike. I can take more pics if it'll help identifying.

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    Have you checked the back of the seat tube for the serial number? My '74 has it's SN there.

    You can find out more at this web site:
    1968 Robin Hood 3 speed...1970's Raleigh Sports Pathracer
    1972 Raleigh Sports............1973 Raleigh Sports
    1974 Raleigh Grand Prix......1974 Raleigh Grand Prix (made in Holland)
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