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    info on Sachs BB

    out of curiousity:
    just heard Sachs had used to make BBs for european bikes, mostly for french.

    how were they in terms of quality and reliability?
    did they have some expected 'german' quality and reasonable price -- as i see from their automotive stuff, if same company?
    hear also their BB was with SKF bearings?

    any input will be appreciated.

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    IIRC, Sachs pretty much swept up what was left of some of the old French brands that evaporated from existence in the late 80's Maillard in particular, but they also took over OEM supply duty from the likes of Simplex for some manufacturers, which I think also translated to Sachs made derailleurs from Swiss component brand Edco.
    What I think affected people's perceotions on the Sachs components was how they pretty much hooked up and sold to so many other esablished brands which gave them a less than clear image for the tradition concious bike enthusiasts of that time and the present.
    Per what I've heard through the years, quality was quite good, and design a bit more modern than most of the French counterparts they replaced. Their higher model derailleur sets are going up in value.


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