Just wanted to know if anyone had ever heard of an Achilles bicycle?

I have one in great condition (not for sale) with a licence disk (we used to have these in South Africa) dating from 1962. It is a black men's bicycle, 3 speed Sturmey archer with thumb shifter, rod brakes and a dynamo-driven (painted black) headlamp and tail-light. The painted headbadge states that it was made in South Africa. The rear hub is unfortunately not original since the code is AW 73.

If you search "Achilles bicycle/s" in google you get zero hits!

So, was just wanting to know if anyone had heard of the make.... I will post pictures in due course.

I'm heading off into the rural arid west coast at the end of the week (I'm a botany student) and will be keeping my eyes peeled for more old bicycles... who knows? Maybe I'll find another Achilles? :-)