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    Veloflex Roubaix PSA

    I know some of you like the Veloflex Roubaix tubular. I found this shop out of Germany advertising them for 52 Euro. Never dealt with them before but I thought I would give them a shot. I ordered them on a Sunday, shipped on Tuesday and arrived the second Saturday. 2 weeks basically. 16 Euro shipping for 3 tires.

    I don't know where else to get them cheaper. No relation to the seller, etc, etc.

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    Thank you!

    Best tubs I've ridden.

    I've got them on a Colnago, and they are outstanding.

    Will order tonight.

    52 Euros is about $71 per tire.

    FYI For comps, the Veloflex website has them for $105 plus shipping or $111 with glue and shipping included.

    $16 Euros for shipping is about $23 for three tires folks, so include that in the comparison.

    I also noticed their price for Veloflex Master 22 clinchers is about $38 plus freight.

    An incredible tire value!
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