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    Peugeot versailles, is it a PX-10?

    help, as the subject suggests, is the Peugeot versailles a PX-10? found out in a local goodwill, 40$, 12 speeds, light. I am a little concerned about the components that French bike uses, when it comes time to replace, is, BB. Thanks.


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    The Versailles was selling for $350.00 US, circa 1990. It was third from the bottom of the line-up. I would consider the Versailles an upper, entry level bicycle. At that time, the top line Peugeot was $1400.00 US for just the frame! The PX-10 was Peugeot's top model for the majority of the 1960s and 1970s. It was superceded by the PY10 and PZ10. To use a catchphrase, the Versailles would be a distant cousin.

    The Versailles is modern enough that it should have an English/ISO bottom bracket. However, to sure sure, check for markings on the cups. English/ISO cups will be marked 1.37 x 24T or 1.370 x 24TPI. If so, you will have no problems finding replacements.

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