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    FIORELLI - COPPI frame decals

    The bicycle frame which was recently identified as a Coppi manufactured by Fiorelli and probably dated 1978, is currently being restored by myself.
    I have noticed from photographs on the Internet, that several similar Coppi frames also manufactured by Fiorelli, have been given either Fiorelli decals or Coppi decals.
    I can only presume that there is no "correct" option for decals.
    I would have thought logically that if the frame is a Coppi and the fork crown had the C engraving, then Coppi decals should be used, possibly with a reference to Fiorelli as being the manufacturer of the frame ? I have seen a small triangular Fiorelli decal for use possibly on the seat tube, stating this fact.
    Perhaps during this period [late 1970's] Fiorelli sold the identical frame, without the engraved C on the fork crown, but with their own italic script Fiorelli decals, to retailers.
    Can anyone throw any light on this decal anomoly please ? Thank you.

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    I believe similar if not identical frames were sold as Coppis and Fiorellis. They were made by Fiorelli. For Coppi colors, I've seen silver with blue decals (one of which I have) and blue with white decals. Fiorellis could be most colors: the only repro decals I've seen were primarily yellow (I have a Fiorelli frame I had painted red, it was already repainted when I got it, so no idea what the original color was). There was one on ebay recently that seemed confused whether it was Fiorelli or a Coppi from the decals. If that was original, anything is possible!

    Someone on ebay now has a set of blue Coppi decals which would be appropriate for my silver frame, if I ever get it repainted.

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