2012 is here, and I have pulled out my first winter project to start. Maybe this would be a great thread to show the steps of progress in various builds!

Winter in Pennsylvania, Time to start a project. I am trying to bring my 1994 Bianchi Trofeo back into form. I had abused her, rain rides, wrong terrain rides, you name it. Some parts gave up the ghost, others surrendered, some killed while others were punished into submission. In the end. It will be a mix of functioning chaos. I start with the frameset, with the numerous bumps, chips, grinds, abuse marking the rear triangle. I started small. Hope to end with fun!

I wanted to keep the celeste for obvious reasons, but i wanted to break up the color a bit. I need to clean off some of the old decals like the American Classic stickers, etc. This was a training bike when I raced. It also got raced a few times as well, even when it didn't agree to the task. It fulfilled it's purpose for years. But here's the start. Goal, just get something tossed together that will be fun to ride with minimal cost.

Time to clean up some areas and move onto the components...