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    I should have read back in the thread so I didn't type a lot of stuff that was just repeating myself from last year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
    My own advice would be to not do this.

    It is one of those jobs that everyone seems
    to think is easily done (why, back in the day...)
    and most often ****ed up. The major issues
    you will encounter are, first, that most shops
    just don't like to do this kind of stuff any more,
    and two, they don't do it often enough to
    appreciate the frame alignment problems you
    can induce by bending one side or the other
    too much in one direction, i.e. they both need to
    spread outboard equally.

    Why, exactly do you want to do this?

    Look up the string technique for checking frame
    alignment, and get some idea of how to check this
    yourself. Good luck.
    I think cold-setting and frame alignment are two different things, and the OP seems to be taking about cold-setting. After this is done one should check rear end alignment.

    I've had this done to four frames, none were cheap gas pipe, far from it. All of them have been very successful, trouble free improvements to the bike frame. I'd have it done.

    I do not have tricks for finding the "right shop." I wouldn't do it myself, it's very cost effective to have our best local shop do it.

    It IS valueable to know how to check your own frame alignment, whatever choice you make.

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    This is a great thread. I'm contemplating cold setting my '73 Raleigh Grand Prix. The rear hub measures 105mm. I'd like to move away from 27" rims. I find way more options with 700c's of course. I'll see if I can find a LBS to do the work if it's not to costly. If not I may give it a go myself. I just don't want to wreck my bike.

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