So,..I've already read a bit on this and think i know the answer..But here goes:

I bought a rear wheel with shimano 2200 hub + 9 speed shimano (105?) cassette. Two questions:

1. Assuming that I can just squeeze this (130mm) into the 126 rear--should i have any compatibility issues with the existing front/rear derailleurs (Shimano L532, Light Action series, S.I.S)? They are down-tube shifters (Shimano S424, Z-Series, Down Tube S.I.S)

2. i happen to have a brand new 8-speed chain (KMC z70?)..can I use this in lieu of a new 9-speed chain??..anyways, i think the 8-speed chain will be too wide--I'm about to just get a new 9-speed chain but want to make sure I'm not just over-thinking this.

These are the specs of my current bike (1987 Lotus Excelle
Sport Series):
The only thing not stock is the's shimano 105 but i'm guessing it's pretty old--not 5500--but it clearly says "shimano 105" 53/39.