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    Request for Info/help. Restoration of 3 Pre WWII Bikes in Bromley Kent

    I support a man with Aspergers who has 5 bikes he would like to have restored. I dont have much information apart from that 3 of them are pre WWII and one is from 1970 & one from 1980's. He would like to maybe use the 3 oldest to combine to make 1 bike - is this even possible? As I know nothing about bike restoration I would like for a company local to Bromley/Becenahm, Kent to come and look at the bikes and see if they could be restored and how much this would cost?? Any advice or bike restoration company details would be very much appreciated. Thanks Tracey

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    Yes, it is probably possible to change parts around among the old ones. Perhaps you could post photos? If the gentleman in question is the one interested in the bicycles, you might encourage him to post them here himself. If you peruse some of the threads on this forum, you may conclude that Aspergers is fairly common among vintage bike enthusiasts. But what do I know.

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