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    Mount Hamilton Challenge

    Rode my '82 Gordon framed bike up Mt. Hamilton for the first time today! I built this bike for commuting on the Silicon Valley floor, and it has its original chain and half-step gearing intact. A low gear of 47" was apparently just on the border line for me, as I made it up in 2:45. I am sore, sore, sore!!! Walkin' like Walter Brennan in The Real McCoys. This aint no Bike Party!

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    Mt. Hamilton to the casual rider is an awesome feat! I've done it twice. Each time was a real ordeal for my weekend warrior carcass. Of course, I assume that you saw the "clubbies" whizzing by you all the time! Good grief, those guys are averaging about 5-10 mph faster than me at all times. Not just that, talk about bling! I'm sure that half of them spent at least a half hour primping in the mirror before each ride...gag...

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