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    Schwinn Phantom?

    Hey guys. Looking at picking up a bike and think it may be a pretty good deal. It looks like a Phantom to me but without the tank. There also doesnt seem to be a fender light and there is a 3 speed hub. Everything else seems to be right, along with teh price. What do you guys think? Any ideas on which model this is? Supposedly all original and hanging in a barn for years.


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    Hard to tell a lot from the picture.It may have started as a Phantom. If it is the seat,grips, and pedals are wrong. The fenders do not seem to be any sort of schwinn fenders.Certainly some phantoms are 3 speeds but they are rare and there does not seen to be any consensus as to whether 3 speeds are original. Looks to have a rear drum brake? and the add on schwinn catilever brakes on the front. As you say no headlight likely because there is no provision for the light on these fenders. Rear tail light missing.Likely a very good buy under $150.00 for parts or to ride as is with a little fix up..It would be very exspensive to restore.

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