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    Thought this would be an easy Raleigh ID...

    Some people have accused me of being lucky when it comes to finding old bicycles. Generally, what I do to find old bikes has nothing to do with luck. I work hard (well, I used to) to find old bikes, following and combining my How To Find A Vintage Bicycle procedures. But there are times, and probably lots of them where good old Lady Luck adds here charm to the situation.

    On Saturday, my best friend and I were out and about for breakfast, my once a week luxury outing. After breakfast, I said, "Let's do a bit of Yard Sailing", to which he said "OK".

    It has been two years since I purposely went Yard Sailing. These days, I get enough bikes without going out and physically beating the bushes. Anyway...

    Stopped off at a cash machine, grabbed a hundred bucks, and headed up the road. A few blocks later, we see our first Yard Sale sign. Pulling up in front of the Yard Sale location, I could not help but notice an old bike, a roadster to be precise. As I walked up to the event, I noticed it was an old Raleigh. But what kind?

    I asked for identification help in the proper forum, and not one answer. OK, no issue but I am still interested since I really like this old bike. So, unless this thread gets moved, what do I have...

    The bike is in great shape and working perfectly, sort of. The light, squeeze horn and even the electric horn all work...

    Learn how to find, restore and maintain vintage road bicycles at... MY "TEN SPEEDS"

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    Looks like a sprite to me
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