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    help needed - Seat rails not fitting on Seatpost

    The Ideale 90 seat I have isn't fitting on my Simplex Seatpost. It appears the rails are wider in back when compared to the front.

    I don't want to force this to fit.
    Done anyone have tips on how to remedy this?

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    You can't slide the clamping parts past any bends in the rails.

    Some saddles have slightly different center-to-center rail spacing, which, while often diffeicult to get assembled, usually gets pulled in orspread out with a normal tightening of the bolt(s).

    It looks like you're wanting to slide the saddle foreward of where it was designed to fit in the rail clamps(?).

    Don't risk damage to this post's alloy clamps. Use a different post if necessary.

    And, if the saddle doesn't work out, I could sure use it. ;-)>

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    The only things you can do are:

    Force the Fit, Luke....(not recommended) It looks like moving the saddle would tend to
    draw the sides down, which may be the right move when moving a saddle that far forward.
    Perhaps it was intended that way.

    Get a different seatpost, if spacers between the clamps and ears of the post don't work.
    Perhaps longer bolts, and washers between the ears and clamps would work.

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