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    Lambert....what to do?

    Ive got a lambert professional that has seen better days. IM in the process of taking it down and cleaning/degreasing it and now im at the point of what do i do now?

    THe bearings in the front and rear rim feel great. The crank feels great.

    THe rear wheel is bent beyond repair and im pretty sure i wont be able to find another original rim. My front rim is straight and the hub is great but the spokes are fried (RUST).

    DO i

    A: tear down the wheels, sell the sealed hubs; find an alloy set of 27in wheels and put them on.
    B: find a 27in alloy rear rim at a LBS and buy 72 spokes and relace them
    C: find an entire 27in unmatching wheel and use that in the rear, relace the front
    D: other?

    the gold plakard under the handle bar clamp is some what jibbered as well. THE previous owner spun the bars up bum style and it tore the rivets out that hold the gold in place. I got it straighted out. THe lettering is good on it and still readable.

    The hoods are toast but i have replacement full hoods i can throw on.

    Id like to fix it up and sell it but it would be nice to keep it original if possible.

    That said im wondering if im better off parting it out? Not sure how high demand these parts would be.

    If i did get it rideable id imagine it would bring around 200 - 240 around here...and i have to figure...the more original the better. It sure is a cool bike. ....very light.

    It has great parts on it if i part it out....even the original pedals which dont have scuff on them from what i can see.

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    When in doubt, part it out

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    I hear they ride well. Do you have any pics of the bike?
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    Lamberts seem to trade at pretty low prices. I know someone who needs your crank bolts if they become available.
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    I like option D. That is, if you don't want it for yourself or a friend, why not just sell it as is to someone who does? The kind of work you describe, for a full overhaul, is only worthwhile as a labor of love. Parting it out only makes sense if you have really pristine components (do your pedals have dust caps? If not, don't bother). The components are not high end and the only person who wants them is the guy with a Lambert that's been parted out. Even so you are likely to sell a few parts and end up with the rest of the bike.

    If that doesn't suit you, option A isn't too bad, but when the buyer comes for the bike, give him dibs on the hubs.

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