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    Replacing Medallion on old 70s Raleigh

    I am looking for the blind pop rivets so I can anchor the medallion back onto the frame I restored. Bike looks great and I turned it into a fixie project. However, the last touch is getting that medallion on the frame and I am coming up empty for these blind pop rivets. Anyone know where I should look or potentially have these pop rivets/anchors?

    The hole is 1/16th and Im not exactly sure the depth for the bite of the rivet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I wound up just gluing mine on with clear silicone. I cut down some brass escutcheon nails for faux rivets and glued those in.

    I had ordered some drive screws from McMaster Carr but they turned out to be slightly too long. There isn't much room inside the head tube, as it turns out. You could try MMC for rivets - they have all sorts of fasteners.

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