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Thread: Fuji Help

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    Fuji Help

    I picked up this Fuji road bike and would really like some help to identified. The serial number is KJ402144
    I was told they paid $1500 for it in 1987 but i was also told it was Titanium.
    I paid $80 for it. It does run very nice handles decent and seems pretty fast( well for an old fat guy working it)
    I put a new chain on it as the chain was seized. These were the pictures she sent me. I cleaned it up a bit the paint seems okay

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    Looks like you got a bargain! Here is a site with all the old Fuji catalogs and specs....

    This is the link for the 1987 Titanium models ...
    Has it been repainted? Looks like the color the Club Fuji came in. The 105 and 600 components are quite nice to find on an $80 bike.
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    Duplicate thread, already discussed model and value. Seller obviously wrong about original price.
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