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    Update: '48 Dawn Tourist with big hole in frame

    A while back I posted about finding a big hole in the frame of my 1948 Raleigh Dawn Tourist during the resto. It looked like this:


    I got the bike back from the welder last week. Dyco in South Windsor did a super job TIG welding the frame back to roadworthiness. Total cost: 2 six packs of Sam Adams.

    Putting the bike back together, I realized the hole and the big indents in the frame were caused by the mounting bracket from a Miller kickstand. It fits perfectly into where the hole and the indents were. I'm a little leery of reinstalling the Miller, but I'm trying to figure out why the kickstand would have done this. It's either

    1. The kickstand was too tight and bit into the frame; OR
    2. The kickstand was too loose and abraded the metal over time.

    I'm trying to think back to taking the kick stand off, and I just don't remember how tight the kickstand was. Anybody have experience with these kickstands? Is it OK to reinstall if done correctly, or is it better to ditch it and buy a modern kickstand with a less aggressive mounting bracket?
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    I would not reinstall the kickstand. Clamping down on a damaged area that was previously damaged by the kickstand seems like a bad idea. You might be better off finding an era-appropriate rear kickstand.

    It's pretty common to find bikes with crushed chain stays from people over tightening kickstands.

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