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    Okay, I have a challenge for those TRULY in the know

    How do I take the Cromawful giant clashing SCHWINN IMPACT logos off of my Schwinn Impact, but without damaging the smoked chrome finish? Because I tried it with a set of 650B wheels today and saw that it'd swing a set of Hetres. Shoot, I even have calipers that will make it work and fenders that will make it look gooooooood. But the corporate branding! ERMAHGERD!! MAH AYEZZZ! Yeah, it's got to go so any rational input gratefully accepted.
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    If they're stickers, try heating them up with a hair dryer first, before carefully trying to peel them away by a corner. If it looks like it will remove the smoked chrome finish, full-stop.

    I'm out of any ideas if they're under clearcoat and are waterslide decals.

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    this. the hair dryer method worked like a charm for me.

    if the stickers are under the clearcoat it will still work, but its gonna look crappy when you take them off (there will be a missing spot of clearcoat there)

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