I'm updating (NOT restoring) my '89 Schwinn Voyageur (soon to be photographed and added to the 'Show me your voyageur' thread). I have a pair of Shimano 600 tri-color aero levers and also a pair of Campy C-record/chorus levers. The hoods for neither of which are still in production. I'm inclined to put on the Campy levers, because the lever hoods are in better condition and because of the quick release feature (my canti brake cable hangers do not have a QR function). However, the replacement hoods for the Campy levers (available solely on ebay it seems) are much more expensive than the Shimano ones! I'm wondering if anyone knows a source of these hoods for less than $30/pair or any non-campy hoods that would also work (dia-compe?). I'm not concerned with correct spec, period correctness, etc... Just good function and economy.

These look like they will work, but at that price, I feel like maybe I should just get some new Shimano levers and some QR cable hangers.