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    Campagnolo - 32mm or 36mm ???

    Hi... So I'm headed to a store to buy some park tools... Most of my bikes have 80's style campagnolo chorus headsets and campagnolo old school bottom brackets...

    Before leaving home I remembered to measure the headset and it was 32mm

    Here are my questions:

    - to remove / install a headset will I need two think park 32mm wrenches?
    - will 32mm also work on a dura ace 7410 headset?
    - will 36mm work for the tight cup on an 80's campagnolo bottom bracket?
    - will 36 also work on an 80's style shimano 600 bottom bracket tight cup?


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    don't know about the shimano cups and hs. but two 32 mm wrenches are needed for a campy headset.Park makes a 36 mm box wrench for the fixed cup with a dual pin combo to aid in adjusting/ removing adjustable cup.They have a 32 and 36 mm open end combo so you have 2 bases covered.If you can score a campy lockring tool on the bay it also has the 32 mm open end,park must have something similar And park has a variety of dual pin wrenches that are spring steel and have a range of sizes by squeezing the handles , green seems to be a winner for most bb's.I'm going to take an educated gues and say there's probably a little standardization of those parts.Just be sure of the direction you want to turn(sheldon brown has the answers in his a-z ) as nothing beats tightening to death something you want to remove
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    1 32mm is minimum required to adjust a headset, a large crescent wrench can tighten the locknut.

    32mm headset wrench should be standard for the majority of 1" threaded headsets.

    36mm headset wrench is for threaded 1 1/8" headsets.
    It will also fit a drive side bottom bracket fixed cup.
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