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    Anyone know the tubing material of a 1989 Centurion Le Mans

    I had the opportunity to check out another persons Centurion. He just got what appears to be a 1989 Centurion Le Mans (I can't find "Super" or "RS" anywhere on it, so I think it's a plain "Le Mans". It has a white/purple-pink/white fade paint scheme (the fork is all white). He and I couldn't find a decal detailing the frame material, but their is a chance that the bike shop sticker was stuck over it, down by the bottom bracket. Anyone know for sure what type of tubing this model/year of Centurion Le Mans was? Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure what year this Catalogue is (can't find a date on it) ? I grabbed it years ago when I was in Napa, CA. At the time, I was enamored by the Semi-Pro bright yellow . This brochure might pre-date '89 by a few years?

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    I sold an '89 Centurion Lemans last year, and it had Tange Champion #2 tubing. Yours look anything like this?:

    you can see a glimpse of the tubing decal in this shot:


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    The later (87-89) Lemans framew were Tange 2 tubing. The forks were Mangalloy, at least until they went to unicrown. The frames were just a few ounces heavier than the Tange 1 Ironman frames.

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