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    Frame identifying help

    Dear friends in BF hi from Greece.My dream as a kid was to have a pink Mercier Tour de France as every boy in those days ( late 70s ) in my coutry.I didnt manage it but was in my mind since then.Two years ago I bouhgt from a jankyard a pink frameset clamed it was a Mercier.I start to make it a bicycle again with afortable alloy components but it was not a Mercier.Now is a very nice bike for my rides ,light enough and very good looking ( for me ).The color is orange like Eddie Merxs Moltenis.The only thing I know about my frame is that in not made in France or Italy or Swiss .The tube dimensions are Top tube 25.4mm ,down tube 28.6mm,seat tube 28.6mm , BB thread 1.375x24TPI with fixed cup left thread,BB width 70mm and seat post 26.2mm.It has not any brazeons ,exept three litlte tubes in top of top tube ,I think are not factory items and removed them.It has not sights or even SN exept 72 in top lug and seat lug ( maybe are angles ).The old color was silver with chromed ends in fork .DSC00176.jpgDSC00180.jpgDSC00184.jpgDSC00585.jpgDSC00809.jpgDSC00810.jpgDSC00811.jpgDSC00812.jpgDSC00828.jpgA friend told me that might be some Phillips or BSA or Thriumh or even a Belgian Superia that made frames for many othes factories.PLEASE help identify .
    Thank every one read it .

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    The headlugs are a little like those used on some Raleighs and perhaps other British brands, but it doesn't look exactly like (say) a Grand Prix or similar Carlton(and if it was a GP it might have 26tpi BB and headset threading)...could be Belgian, might even be Austrian (they also used lugs like that).
    The "72" is almost certainly the angle: 72.
    That's all I got, but I'd also add I doubt it has any 531 tubing.

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    Seatstay caps make me think Motobecane. Maybe a Grand Tourer?
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