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    Bianchi on Craig's List

    Could someone help identify this Bianchi I am interested in? The seller says it was sourced by Giant, but nothing more:

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is a pretty big frame maybe a 25" one. How tall are you? I would say if your not 6'2"ish look for something smaller. as for the bike.... It looks like an '86ish lowerend frame and the tubing decal looks like maybe a Tange 900 (or is 9000?). This was a base model 12spd and I am pretty sure this would have had brazed on DT housing stops which I can't tell if it still does.

    I am not sure if it was built by Giant more likely a company called Mareida but it is certainly of Japanese or Tiawanese origin. I am not sure I would pay $280 for it unless I really wanted a hipster looking SS with a Brooks. for $350 plus shipping you can new SS/FG bikes off the net.

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