I bought a box of tools and a few parts from a guy who's moving. He used to race about 20 years ago. Anyway he had an old pair of Time "Sport" pedals in the box. There were also a pair of brand new brass rear cams but they appeared to be for the same foot (both right) from what I could tell. They look like they're a single release design.

A couple of blocks from where I work is a bike shop that houses a junkyard of sorts in the basement, all kinds of parts. I happen to find a set of Time cleats with adapters for 3 holed-shoes that were in good shape. The brass cams on these were a different shape, - like a multi-release.

I mounted the pedals and cleats last night to try them out. Everything seemed to work OK. So here are my questions.

1. Was I right about the single and multi-release cam design or where they meant for different pedals?

2. I've heard that the springs on these pedals can get weak over time. I don't what they would have felt like when new. How could I tell if they were bad?

3. Aside from being pretty heavy and the cleats being tough to walk on, what were the downsides to this system? There's a lot of float which seems to be a plus but I could see why some wouldn't like it.

Thanks for any info !