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    Miyata Hardlite FM-1 Tubing?

    Curious what this tubing is comparable to as far as reynolds / dadacciai / columbus... Any help is much appreciated.

    Did the basic Google search but would like the expert opinions from the boards...
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    Bump - I was hoping to see a better answer to this than I can give. I have this tubing type on my Koga Miyata...I haven't seen it on many regular Miyatas. I know they had Hardlite FM-2 and FM-3 as well. My Hardlite FM-1 says triple butted and splined.

    I know that Miyata drew their own tubes and had a background in *****s if you go back 100+ years.

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    "Spline reinforced tubing" must mean that it has ribbed or helical internal reinforcement like Columbus SLX has, so SLX might have been their inspiration or targeted competition and it's a sign that this might be one of their best tubesets back then as was the SLX was for Columbus. I guess the difference between the two tubesets would be the actual material alloying and the thicknesses along the tubes. I suspect the Miyata tubing is of high enough quality for them to bother providing the internal reinforcements to them. It mostly comes down to brand recognition. Columbus "SLX" will always beat out Miyata "Hardlite" when it comes to popularity and wow factor with most cyclists, so you can never expect it to compete at the same level as the SLX out there.


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