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    What's the matte finish on a Cinelli 1E stem?

    I got one of these, and while the matte silver finish is OK, it doesn't say "aluminum alloy" to me. So, doing a bit of alu refinishing work, I dunked it into some Drano wherein a seatpost was having its clear anodized finish cooked off. Virtually nothing happened, except that the submerged part got a tiny bit foggy after about 10 minutes (meanwhile, the seatpost was done). So, I rubbed it with a bit of the wet-or-dry sandpaper I was using to refinish the seatpost; again, virtually nothing happened -- but it is some sort of coating, because it finally started to rub off on the sharper arrises around the bar openings. Is it a paint? I guess I'll break out the methylene chloride paint stripper next.

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    It's anodizing, but tough anodizing. Drain cleaner is not going to do it. You need to buy proper anodizing remover to get that stuff off.

    The later Cinelli stems use a very thick type of anodizing and are usually poorly finished underneath. They take a lot of work to make look nice.

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