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    Ultrasonic Cleaner - what to look for

    I am looking at investing in one, off ebay most likely, and trying to be economical. These are the first ones I see around or under $100. Besides size (and what size is is enough to handle freewheels, RD's, etc?) what do I have to know and look for in a cleaner to handle greasy, crud caked parts? Is there a certain frequency or some other feature I need? A certain brand name? Is 60W better than 40W, or will 40W be sufficient? Are cleaners advertising use on gun parts better than those marketed for Jewelry? Please help.
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    All of those are top small and too $$. I would not get anything smaller than the 2.5L Harbor Freight one. Been discussed several times, google if you want to read more. If you are going to buy one from Harbor Freight, be sure to load up on coupons first, slickdeals has a thread on HF coupons.
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