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    Wheelset I.D. please, 650 perhaps?

    I've had this set of wheels sitting around for a very long time and have no clue what size they are. I tried a set of 26 inch MTB tires on them as its the closest wheel Ive got that looks like it might have fit, I got them mounted but I had a hell of a hard time getting them mounted! They were crazy super tight on the rims! Anyways all the info I can find on the wheels are two decals, one states "Bontrager Corvair E.R.D. 542 I.D. D02," the other decal is marked "Designed by Keith Bontrager." Hope that helps 'cause its all I've got. OK, had a look at the rear wheel and it has an extra decal that reads "Kra-Rim" Japanese.
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    All the Corvair I've seen were ATB rims. Given the Corvair's section height of 17.6mm, an ERD of 542 would be correct for a 559 BSD (i.e. 26" ATB) rim.

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