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    Fuji Ace w/ Dura ace. Switching from tubulars...56cm


    Ive tried to hunt down some info on tubular tires vs. clinchers. Able to get some good info
    but not a specific answer. And thats why Im here.

    I have a 1970s Fuji Ace 56cm with tubulars that must deal with NYC roads. not good.
    The bike rides amazing so it could be worth it to me to switch to clinchers.
    At the same time I realized there is probably more than one person (ie. old school
    Fuji lover) that might like to buy the bike with the original tubular tires etc.

    Thoughts/advice? On either getting this Fuji Ace with dura ace and tubulars into the hands
    of someone who would love it or how I can switch out the current rims/wheels etc. I have been able to find another Fuji Ace as well as a 70s Fuji Tiara so I could deal with selling this Fuji Ace to a good home.

    (Note: I acquired a rear clincher type rim but it would not fit the Fuji Ace width wise because
    its cassette was much wider. Today I began the process of switching out the cassettes. Stopped
    before I opened up the Suntour superbed hub on the back wheel of the Fuji because I realized I needed more help) Pardon my lack of command on the specific terminology. Thanks in advance

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    Ideally what you need is a pair of clincher wheels. You can buy some OK wheels off the shelf put some 700x25 tires on them and your good to go. Sace the comfy tubulars for warm sunny Sunday rides.

    You could have a shop set up both sets of wheels and get a second freewheel (I think your bike has a freewheel but there is alot of information lacking) so you can swap wheel sets whenever you want.

    This article from the Book of Sheldon ( Brown not Cooper) is very helpful for determining wether you have a freeewheel or cassette.

    Nice looking Fuji. We have several members in NYC area and I am sure one of them would be more than willing to help you figure out getting a new wheelset on your bike.

    These dark anodized Durex rims actually date to the mid to late '80s so someone changed the wheels or rims at one point.

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    Great looking Ace, I sent you a pm.


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